Thursday, April 14, 2005

So what is this Franchise mode thing?

You may wonder, what the world is franchise mode and what kind of title is that for a blog/website/chatboard/whatever the heck you wanna call it (as you can see, i'll usually say heck, Biron will usually say hell, its the dynamic of this upcoming blog, get use to it)?

Well, Biron, or as I like to call him Chuck, had the idea that he was interested in starting a website other than his and I, being busy as heck (see, there I go again) working two jobs and trying to finish MVP 2005 PS2 rosters, am always interested in yet another venture to supplement my website said "Yeah, lets do it".

For me, this blog is kinda inspired by the Blog for the sports gamer, I like to read that periodically while I slave away at work and pretend to book limos and other shoddy vehicles for the travel company I work for. I liked reading a unbiased opinion of sports, sports video games and virtually any subject one wants to address while still keeping personality and not losing yourself in the formatics that scream of "I need an A on this paper to graduate" mentality. Thusly, (a college word used by many to spruce up a shoddy paper) franchise mode is born. The name is derived from the ancient Roman past-time of simming or playing out any sports title in multiple season, arranging for the sale of foam fingers and ribs and indicates our interest in the most important things in life: Sports and video games. Screw mortgages 401k's and children (well, we don't have any but damn am I practicing make them).

In my side of the blog I'm mainly gonna focus on video games, sports video games and rosters and real-life sports, this time of year Major League Baseball. I work part-time for and , i'm a stats stringer for minor league games and hopefully can get in full-time eventually but i have to grind away at Toledo vs Charlotte at this point. I don't mind, its a fun way to make some cash and it keeps me sane.

Biron, may want to focus on other endeavors of interest to him, such as sliding on wet bananas, finally getting around to training his organ grinder monkey and organizing his Playgirl subscriptions. You'll get a good dose of hilarity and insanity I'm sure from this point on, I'll leave some hijinks for later.

For now, I'm fighting off a sore throat, i've taken about 200% of the recommended dosage of vitamin C today and haven't touched a PS2 controller in about 10 days. This needs to change and I 'll put some time in on MVP rosters later this weekend.


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