Friday, April 15, 2005

My E-P

Well I sure as hell am glad that he did the intro to the blog, even if everything he said about me isn't true.

My articles here will likely amount to very little in ways of "beneficial reading", although I am a strongly convictive self-titled sports analyst who'll happily share his one-sided point of view of various topics whether I know what I'm saying or not at any time. I think over time you'll 1) Begin noticing my penchant for long-winded, grammatically incorrect run-on sentences, and 2) begin to agree with me on everything - so bear with me.

Like Teebee mentioned, this blog is somewhat inspired by The Blog for the Sports Gamer, as we're both very active in the video sports scene. I serve as an NCAA Online moderator at MaddenMania and still manage to have my hands in 800 other things as well - winning online leagues, being the best MVP pitcher on the planet (hitting's another story), hitting the links with my boy BDawg late at night on Tiger '05, stroking my elongated e-penis online - you know, the works. And, like any other blogger on the 'net, those self-imposed qualifications grants me the right to waste both of our times (that's me the pseudo author and you the bored-at-work reader).

I guess there's just not a lot of topics to start out writing about in the world of sports, and hell - no one wants to start anything remotely productive on the internet on Friday anyway. Well I mean, I got fantasy baseball to set for the weekend, Red Sox fans to criticize for slapping Sheff', and I absolutely HAVE to go tell someone about how awesome a manager Bobby Cox is for getting thrown out of a

game already this season. They say every year that balls and strikes are non-negotiable, yet Bobby finds time to bitch about when his pitchers are getting their repercussions from the Maddux/Glavine era of corner-strikes. And really, not since Billy Martin have I seen a guy go out to an umpire and get tossed within the first 3 words out of his mouth - I mean, as a high school baseball coach, just once could I meet this guy and discuss technique....

but yo, hopefully this blog gets contagious like Ron Mexico.


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