Saturday, April 16, 2005

Madden back to a sim-game? Looks like it to me

Thanks to our boys at we have some early breaking news about the new Madden 2006. The big thing is the addition of what they call a "vision-cone" (which will be from hereafter referred to as the VC, for sanity sake. The cone is based on attribute ratings, a novel concept considering the fact that random shoddy QB's kick my arse on a regular basis in my franchise mode (shameless plug, thank you). I still am reeling from giving up 4 TDS to Kelly Holcomb last year, just sad.
The VC (refer to pic, assuming I figure out how to get it up, errr, get it posted) is bigger/wider for QB's with higher accuracy/awareness ratings such as McNabb, Peyton and Brady. To focus in on a different section of the field, you're gonna be using the right analog stick, which I think is a potential disastor, or the face buttons, R2 and then pick the WR icon you wanna look at. Make sense? Good , I hope so.
The one thing I think this is going to effect are the dickheads that play so friggin much that they snap the ball and throw a pass virtually split seconds after the play begins resulting in easy yardage to Tight Ends or HB's in the flat, I f'n hate that shizzle. Maybe I'm a novice, maybe i'm simply stupid, but my Madden record speaks for itself, I'm downright terrible. Bringing the game back to a more realistic feel definitely gives me a chance to compete, as I'd rather not play at all than to play like a cheezdick (except for my NCAA battles with Biron, he's a sucker for a rollout bomb with Nebraska, just pure dominance).

NCAA 2006 revealed some new things too on the site, worth checking out if you're bored and are ready for list of retarded features only applicable for those with a identity crisis. Create yourself in the game? Get a chick to blow you in the school library? well, that would be cool, but I highly doubt u get to pick the sexual favors you get from your cyber girlfriends. Who knows, this may sell, never underestimate the lack of women most video athletes get, might be the closest most of you sniff nookie in your lives.

Peace out, off to score the Dayton/Ft Wayne game., live it. Here are the pics I promised:


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