Saturday, February 04, 2006

Anna Benson's Big Fat Mouth

Well, Anna Benson is at it again.

Quick backtrack for those of you unaware of who this former stripper/FHM model/Mom/Loudmouth broad is, she's married to former New York Mets hurler Kris Benson and has been in the news recently because she was traded, I digress, Kris was traded to the Baltimore Orioles for "bullpen" help.

In all actuality it was due to a variety of nuclear verbal darts she has thrown at anyone she feels is deserving from Mets GM Omar Minaya for shopping Benson around only a year after he, i mean they, signed with the Mets to criticizing Carlos Delgado over not standing for the God Bless America over bombing runs in his native Puerto Rico (seriously, i hate that effing song so much I'm going to join him at the next Yankees game). Then she topped it all off by showing up in pornstar garb for a recent Children's Christmas Event wearing this dress:

Benson's latest criticism is aimed directly at the oh-so-offensive and parapalegic James Brady of Ronald Reagon bodyguard fame. I'm just going to plagiarize the entire article from the New York Daily News.

"Barely a week after the Mets traded pitcher Kris Benson to the Baltimore Orioles, his spitfire wife, Anna, is trading brickbats with the locals.
Her latest adversary is gun-control advocate James Brady, who lives just outside Washington, a short drive from Baltimore. The 65-year-old Brady was paralyzed - and nearly killed - by John Hinckley's bullet during the 1981 assassination attempt on Brady's then-boss, President Ronald Reagan.

"I am afraid of gun-control lobbyists," the 29-year-old Benson writes on her Web site,, where she calls herself a "pistol-packing mama," reveals that weapons are placed "strategically" all over her house and urges everyone to obtain a firearm.

"I think that it is ridiculous that I am not allowed to protect myself in my private NY apartment because people like Jim Brady want to remove potential crime guns from the market," Benson adds.

Yesterday Brady told me: "Anna Benson sounds like an idiot. I'm honored to not have her on my team. ... She scares me. She's a head case." But Brady added: "I might be willing to have lunch with her if she doesn't bring her piece."

Benson's flack, Ronn Torossian, fired back: "It's safe to say that Anna is saddened and sorry about the unfortunate experience that James Brady suffered. But by calling her an idiot, he's calling every responsible gun owner an idiot."

Pistols at dawn?

Props to JimBo for dropping the public slander of "She's an idiot", a highly underrated but effective slam. To sum it up, this bitch be crazy. Sometimes the tits just aren't worth the squeeze.


  • All things aside, I know of one thing she could do with her big mouth....

    Blow on my Oatmeal, It's TO HOT!

    By Blogger Slizeezyc, at 8:36 PM  

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