Sunday, March 11, 2007

Almost had my first NYC fight!

Having moved to NYC four years ago this month from the hard streets of Salt Lake City (801 bitches) I anticipated a much tougher lifestyle than I've encountered, not so much tough life as I expected to be in arguments with annoying New Yorkers more than I have, well, I got my chance tonight!

I had just helped carry all the laundry a few blocks away to the laundromat for my 9-month pregnant wife and headed home to play some 360 whilst she did the heavy lifting (really not that hard of a job).Get a phone call from her 20 min later "Come down here, some guy is telling me to F off".Immediately my heart and adrenaline go berserk, as i'm throwing on my shoes I see a hammer lying on the floor by the door, almost grabbed it but figured that might be considered intent to bash skull so decided against it.

I walk into the laundromat and a guy that looks like this gets right in my face!:

"Teach your wife respect yo, you need to tell her to watch her mouth yo A-oh oh-A"

Wtf is this guy thinking, i quickly thought to myself, so I immediately put my finger right in his face area and tell him to Shut his fat mouth (looking back I sure wish I was more of a cursing person but alas, I just am not so it didn't naturally flow)."Don't you tell me to shut up, don't you ever tell me to shut up yo" as he struggles to pull his jacket off of his fat sloppy arms.Needless to say, this dude has probably been in about 500 more fights than my soft azz but nonetheless, i could tell he was intimidated by my size so I played the role to a T, more stupid threats from him and more retarded comments by me and a little chinese owner of the laundromat got between us and the guy went storming out.I half expected to have him and Paulie Walnuts come in and shoot me in the head when he returned but he just sat there talking quick Italian on his cell phone as we packed up our crap. Not a big confrontation guy, but when a guy starts cursing out my pregnant wife for sitting down in a chair as she waits for her laundry and tells her she needs to be more respectful to other people, drops F bombs on her, I kind of lose it.Anyways, if i don't tell as many people as possible about it, it didn't happen right?

F this guy


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