Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Fiesta Bowl Thoughts

First off, am I the only person that didn't dream about banging Laura Quinn last night? A '7' at best. Would I? Yes. Did I visit every football forum last night talking about what I'd do to her from the back? No.

Second (and these somewhat coincide), Brent Musberger is horrible. Holy Jumping Fucking Jesus he's bad. I shit you not, about 14 of us were together at a friend's house in Dayton talking about the ups and downs of Troy Smith. Against Michigan he was great, however many times during the season he's been the source of numerous upset stomachs. Then, low and behold, Troy goes on a roll and Brent says, "...and you're looking at one of the best quarterbacks in college football."

Explosive laughter. I mean seriously - wow. He strings together 2 victories and we suddenly have a Heisman candidate, which Musberger also eluded to near the end of the game...which was subsequently met with more laughter from the room we all watched in. Don't get me wrong - I love Troy as a QB and wanted him in more than Zwick from the start, but I'm also not as foolish to assume this guy is Vince Young in the making. I really enjoyed the season D.J. Shockley put together at Georgia this year as a passer, and I'd love for Troy to mimic that (minus the injury & bowl loss) next year - but I don't think he's that good. I dunno, call me a pessimist. On top of this, how many times did he opt to get a statement from Laura Quinn? And did you catch at the end when Quinn switched from "girlfriend" to "future bride"? Did you catch how Hawk "sacked his future brother-in-law?" Seriously, fucking horrible.

Basically, you came away from the Fiesta Bowl knowing about Hawk dating Quinn, Smith being an early 2006 Heisman candidate and Tom Zbikowski being a Golden Gloves boxer. Hey, least it's not Craig Krenzel being a Molecular Genetics major.

So aside of my own personal vendettas, the Buckeyes won their 4th straight bowl game under Jim Tressel and 3rd Fiesta Bowl, dropping Notre Dame in bitchsmack fashion 34-20. By my estimates, I feel we should've had another 13 points on account of dumbfucked turnovers, but you take what you can get - a win's a win. Now onto the "Thoughts" part of the blog entry.

  • If Troy Smith doesn't get suspended I think this was a different year. I don't think Texas would've beat us had he played against Miami, however I offer no excuse for Penn State - we flat out were owned by an awesome defense.
  • Antonio Pittman runs like an Ohio State back has always ran, however until recently we haven't utilized that at all. He's a physical runner with good speed, but we've primarily asked him to run from the shotgun most of the season. Put Dionte Johnson in front of him in a strong set and let him rip. I honestly feel we've done well with balancing those formations at the end of the season.
  • 'Bout time we heard from Ginn. I'm on the side of the dispute that OSU has failed to utilize him, however I'm not naive enough to see he can't run a route for shit. His touchdown pass last night was a bad route as well - the DB was just blown away. And P.S., whatever Notre Dame fan tells you he fell down - punch him in the vagina. Ginn was 2 steps behind him when he glanced the QB, and then commenced to add that charcoaled look to the back of his jersey.
  • Santonio Holmes sure has a knack of getting ridiculous celebration penalties. Ok, so that's only 2, but it's 2 straight games and my memory is as long as Teebee's peter.
  • Hamby still blows. Seriously, he's a fine football player but people built him up to be Ben Hartsock and he's not. Texas wasn't his fault, he wasn't good far prior to that game as well.
  • Doug Datish chasing down Ginn from behind was hilarious - seriously, you couldn't tell him he wasn't a WR during the 2 times he gave chase. He did make it to the end zone first on the reverse, but the TD catch was funny.
  • Youboty came to play tonight after taking much of the season off, although he still didn't grade out too well. 'B', 'B+' tops. His Merton Hanks-like neck will earn him a special place in my mind though.

Last thing, Charlie Weis' rings comment. According to the Columbus Dispatch, when asked which was more impressive, Weis’ four Super Bowl rings or Jim Tressel’s five national championship rings, the Irish coach raised his hand, motioned to the Super Bowl ring on his finger and said, "This one is bigger than all five of his put together."

My thoughts. First, I don't take that as a joke. I don't honestly see how that statement could be taken in humor or good fun - unless it has something to do with how gaudy NFL rings are in the first place. To me he's showing a lack of respect for his now-colleagues by making the absurd claim that winning a Super Bowl ring as an assistant coach is worth more than winning 5 national championships as a head coach. If he's riding those Super Bowl rings as his meal ticket and is never going to recognize a collegiate national title as equivalent to those, then WHAT IN THE FLYING FUCK ARE YOU DOING? I honestly have no idea why you'd step down from your football high horse, sign a lucrative coaching extension to ensure your tenure long term, and then publicly belittle the highest possible honor one can achieve at that level.

I seriously do hope that comment was a joke and will accompany a politically correct apology sometime today. If not, fuck off you arrogant fatass.

(If logic doesn't make my point, I usually resolve myself to name-calling and attacking character flaws)



    By Blogger svgbear, at 6:34 PM  

  • (Boeckman)

    By Blogger bironm, at 9:17 PM  

  • As dumb as Weis' comment may or may not have been, you kind of have to agree with him, even if he should not have said it. Not saying it isn't hard to win a National Championship, but I think he was just pointing out that the competition is obviously that much better in the NFL...But at the same time you have to deal with more teams, and recruiting, and can't afford any mistakes in College.

    I dunno I didn't think to much of the comment, I think someone is always going to believe in what they accomplished more than what someone else has accomplished.

    By Blogger Slizeezyc, at 11:54 PM  

  • Well, I agree that a Super Bowl win - gaudy ring or not - is the pinnacle of the football world, there's just no higher team honor. My problem inlies with - well, let's be honest...it involves Ohio State - Weis holding up his one ring (NFL) and saying Tressel's 5 (NCAA) doesn't compare to his 1.

    Weis showed his disinterest in coaching in the NFL by signing a 10-year extension at Notre Dame during the season, so now to demean an NCAA National Title w/ his Super Bowl ring (while an assistant no less) - I mean, why is he at Notre Dame for? Traditionally you attempt to work your way up, not reach the peak and dwell in mediocrity.

    And again, had he made the comment about say, Bob Stoops, it wouldn't have been a blog. I may have thought the comment arrogant had I learned of it, but chances are it would've been a passing item.

    By Blogger bironm, at 10:13 AM  

  • You know he just showed a lack fo class if you ask me. I mean as a general person off the street with no training in the fields of class. I would have just walked around the question by saying: They're both great accomplishments. Coach Tressel's had a great career here and I respect him and his accomplishments a lot.

    Maybe i'm weird.

    By Blogger Cajunirl, at 10:36 AM  

  • I just think he's a fat bag of shit, just like all the other catholics

    By Blogger Teebeebee, at 10:50 PM  

  • I agree with Teebee

    By Blogger SvgBear, at 1:19 PM  

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