Thursday, December 29, 2005

Beginner's PSP Guide

One of the benefits of being a moderator of a video game website with over 100k users is the fact that I have a gigantic userbase to poll when I have questions. Upon receiving my PSP Sunday and screwing around with it for a few days, I messaged the forum game guru WolverinesManiac for some starter's advice - and I thought I'd share that as well as provide some websites to point you in the general direction of PSP competence. The tips:

  • Never let the battery die out all the way. The rechargable battery that is packaged with your PSP unit has something like 500 charges, so keep it plugged in overnight as to prevent it from requiring recharges.
  • Sleep Mode > Off. "The only time my PSP ever goes off/restarted is when I download a new firmware update. Sleep-mode is better for the PSP, it takes very little battery life, even if you pause in the middle of a game in sleep mode it won't take up much battery life." I read an article at IGN that basically echoed these sentiments as well, if interested you can read the full extent of their findings here.
  • Power Saving Settings & the WLAN switch = Off. You will want to keep the WLAN switch in the down position unless you're playing an ad-hoc game, downloading an update or on the web. It eats the battery rather quickly so make sure its down when its not in use. Power saving settings, go to settings and turn them all off. Unneeded and if anything they slow down your system.
  • DO make a parental password: you'll want to make one because when UMD's are left in the PSP they'll start up right away and that can be annoying. Of course keeping the PSP in sleep mode avoids all of this; but in the off chance that you have to power down the PSP its better to have a passcode so you have an option whether you want to start the UMD or go to the main menu.
  • The PSP can only support Pro Duo or Duo stick formats. The regular memory sticks won't fit into the system.
  • Be careful of what screen protector you buy. Some DO NOT use static cling but rather a glue, which usually comes in a PSP Bundle. When removing these protectors, glue residue is left behind and can damage your screen. There was a letter from Sony sent to all Gamestops about this. "I say go with the HORI screen protector."

The Links
Main Sites: Gamespot, IGN,
Software: PSP Video 9, 3gP_Converter
Downloads: PSP Magazines, PSP Trailers, PSPunch, Sony Connect
General: PSP 411, PSP Crazy, PSP Hacks, PSPimp, PSP Nation, PSP Rumors, PSP Vault, PSP World
Mobile Sites
(for PSP Web Browser): BBC, Bloglines, Cnet, Digg, ESPN Mobile, Flickr, Games & Apps, Google, iLounge, Macrumors, MSN Messenger Mobile, One-Stop Shop, Sony's own site, Virtual Keyboard, Yahoo Mobile


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