Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Merry Maddenoliday

'Twas the day of Maddenoliday and all 'cross the land,
people called in sick with Madden 07 now in hand.

The Hail Mary's were flung by the quarterbacks with despair,
in hopes Randy Moss would fly through the air.
Running backs stayed close with blocks being thrown,
while you opened running lanes, all on your own.

Then did the teeth of Manning start to chatter,
fore through the O-line came a blitzing Urlacher.
Down in a heap, now fourth-and-ten,
looks like Vinatieri's got to win it again.

The game clock expires, the victory is yours;
you can play one more game before starting the chores.
The kickoff flies as you headline Monday Night,
Merry Maddenoliday to all and to all...Boom! Now that's football!


  • and I don't know what strikes me more funny - this marketing scheme by EA (which is apparently working) or Alex Smith standing upright while in a 49ers uniform on the card.

    By Blogger bironm, at 10:55 PM  

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