Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Remember last post where I said I was the most dominant pitcher in the history of MVP Baseball? Well, perhaps I didn't ellaborate enough - my online experience over the last 6 games against random online lobby trash was simply dipping into a 12-pack of "making you my bitch" and then breaking out the beer funnel. Seriously, no one's scoring on my ass again without flowers and an expensive dinner beforehand.

I always give the back and forth banter about me being simply unhittable, but for the last 6 games I've been un-score-on-...a...ble (or something). Now I am beatable, as I was defeated last week on a 2-out 2-run walk-off HR by Jose Reyes off Danny Graves in the 8th inning - but by god if I'm able to score 3 runs I'm going to go ahead and say, "Start the busses, bitches" cause I ain't getting beat after that.

Now hitting online is another story. For one, it is somewhat difficult to hit another player pitching even if you have a master eye at the plate. It's dynamic, often times you can't pick up patterns until the late innings and even then sometimes it's too late - nothing matures from it. Then you add in the fact that every ranked game played is only 5 innings long and played on the All-Star difficulty level, you seriously have yourself up Shit Creek without a paddle. If that isn't enough, my last 7 games have been vs Pedro Martinez, Randy Johnson, Rich Harden, Johnson, Curt Schilling, Tim Hudson & Jason Schmidt - so I'm also facing rip-roaring fastballs and devastating offspeed stuff. I'm hitting a measily .234 online, but I guess that isn't all that bad when your ERA is sitting pretty at 0.40 (link).


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