Thursday, May 19, 2005

E3 reveals I won't have any cash in the next year

Here it is folks, the PS3:

Ok, looks good but what the hell is that little boomerang thing? I swear I saw one of those in the windows of the multitude of porn shops here in Manhattan. Anyhoo, its wireless which is cool, its silver black or white (how creative, give me colors! I want an orange PS3!) and its gonna be priced near $500 bones. FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS!

You know what? I'm gonna buy it anyways, its sad and I'm probably gonna spend my limited spare time with XBOX 360 as well. Since when did we have to get a loan to play video games? Still, the $450 or 500 price tag isn't that much of a jump, I think back in the day the PS and Saturn were what, 200? Then PS2 came out at 300, so you can expect it to go to 400 now.

Oh well, at least I have a hefty tax refund to fall back on, not sure what people down in the dust are going to do, hope bloodshed doesn't ensue. I can picture a Johnny vs Daniel LaRusso battle for the last PS3 on the shelves come spring 2006, its gonna get ugly. Wax on Wax off.



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