Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Madden Next-Generation, coming incredibly soon

Reading various gaming sites, I've come across a story on gamercentric.com that pretty much announces that Madden 06, thats right, this year's Madden, will be available on XBOX 360. HOLY CRAP! Seems like yesterday I was watching a plethora of Madden 2001 videos on company time, downloading every video I could think of.

Just thinking about the progression graphically and gameplay/roster wise makes me have to adjust my fly.

Back when I was dreaming of Madden 2001, I was busy playing what I thought was a great looking game :

I use to play the hell out of Madden and not once did I worry about the wrong colored socks or wrong looking facemasks? Why? Because dammit, all the players looked like pixelated gorillas and you couldn't even make out either the different facemasks or shoelaces!

I ordered and paid for Madden 2001 about 8 months before PS2 even was released, whice resulted in receiving the game about a week and a half before I even had the system. I swear, I become somewhat of a freak staring at the blue game disc and cover pics, just waiting for my PS2. Coincidentally, I wasn't willing to sleep out all night to get my PS2, I paid this asian kid I worked with an extra 50 bucks for one of the 3 he secured on release night, come on, I'm not gonna be one of those Star Wars/Harry Potter-sleep out all night in a costume kinda people, no matter what.

Once I got the game, it was on, suddenly, we had muscle definition, breath out of the helmets and shoelaces/helmets:

Now, we have even better than the current generation, will we actually smell Donovan's vomit? Will we smell the sweaty chicken-soup armpits of offensive lineman? I don't know about that but the first screen pics we have are amazing, and this is coming in November. Luckily I have some tax refund money set aside that I can blow on the new system, November 2005, Next Gen Madden time, see ya online.


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