Wednesday, May 04, 2005

NCAA 2006 cover athlete announced...

Today, EA Sports announced the cover athlete for it's 2006 version of the NCAA Football series. Sadly, I'm going to have to utilize this cover for at least 3 days until I find a suitable photoshop template and can put a more exciting past Heisman trophy winner over top of it in Eddie George.

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Any news to me about the newest edition of college football is music to my ears (or, "porn to my eyes" I guess would work for online information), but becoming a veteran of analyzing and reviewing games year-to-year has me caught up in the way the game is again being billed:

"With all new features, redesigned graphics and improved gameplay, NCAA Football 06 continues to be the most authentic and realistic college football gaming experience."

Notice every game is billed with "new features", always starting off with crap about "new features". I'm tired of "new features" - tell me you've taken out the 2 glitches that has made random matchups online impossible over the last 2 years. Tell me I don't have to worry about someone analog blitzing an OLB around my T faster then he can stand up every snap. Tell me I'm not going to put up 300 yards on offense and lose in the last minute of the game on 2 consecutive hail mary's that ran the QB's daily numbers up to 3-12, 126 yards and 2 TD's/4 INT's.

All of the feature additions in the world do not amount to diddly-shit if they don't work correctly (player discipline) or fail to help solve a continuing problem. EA, year after year you're addressing the wrong areas - there's a reason people flock to Madden EVERY year after a month of NCAA, and it's not because it's a superior game.


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