Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Hoorah, the Yearly event has already happened.

It is here, treat it like Channukah, Hannukah, Kwanza or even the rarest of Scientologist Holidays "Cruise Day". Sean Burroughs has gone deep! I know , I know, this doesn't occur often but when it does it's like Xmas in SoCal, white and mexican children running hand-in-hand, Cats and Dogs living together. Basically complete chaos.

I know, to the average fan, this is not a big deal, but to Padres fans, it is a prediction of Nostradomic value, you just know he's going to go deep, whether on a trip to Coors or Milwaukee as in years past, you just don't know when its going to happen. This once-pudgy Little League heartthrob is potentially one of the best contact/singles hitter in the MLB's, but is that enough for us? No, for some inane reason we are obsessed with penis size and the long ball, you can never have enough.

So while most of us are hidden in the bathroom pumping away, Sean is obsessed with the longball instead of doing what he does best : Just Hit. This guy could rack up 250 hits if he ever just got one vote of confidence from management. Instead, they put him at SS, they bat him 8th then leadoff the next day. Its only a matter of time before he is moved and the more powerful but less consistent Xavier Nady takes his spot.

Sorry I haven't been around folks, been starting the new job at mlb.com/milb.com and finishing up my MVP 2005 rosters the past week (which kick ass, get them at www.geekrosters.com). All minor leaguers, all minor league teams have full lineups, pitching rotations and are the best thing since a Sean Burroughs HR on a Saturday Night.



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