Thursday, May 26, 2005

Reds 3 game streak!

Hot damn I was angry on Tuesday.

Well, whatever Graves being released meant to the Reds, we up and took 3 straight from the Nationals by capping off the 3-game series with a 12-3 offensive explosion. This is the Reds first 3-game sweep since our opening series against Pedro & the Mets - you know, back when we resembled a ball team if you watched closely. Felipe López is hot as hell, hitting safely in his last 7 games, Ryan Freel is coming off a 4-hit performance (think he got drunk after??), and William Bergolla picked up his first major-league RBI yesterday. Oh, and who wants to bet Elizardo Ramirez goes 7 tonight, 2 R, 5 H and picks up the victory?

Not me!

Anyway onto the video game front. Remember that deal about NBA Street being awesome? It still is, but I went to go online and I can't upload my baller into the game...I have to make a new one. Something about being 114-0 in my challenge mode just prohibits me morally from creating a new guy just to compete online with while Blockbuster calls me daily reminding me I need to give them their fucking game back. Also, it's amazing how annoying the commentary is after being turned off to the game by finding out you had to play another 100 or so games to get to where you were before logging online. Once spoiled and outright pissed off, I suddenly started hating that bastard voice-over.

My kill-boner from Halo 2 now grows by the day, and on this pace he's liable (my penis) to need an improved suit and battle rifle of his own by early next week. I've managed to rise from "wandering around aimlessly" to "dieing on my way to getting a good weapon" in just a week's time. Last week I sucked hardcore, started getting respectable and then laid off the game throughout the weekend to play NBA Street. When I returned to playing Monday night, I sucked again...hardcore, coincidentally. But at the end of last night I bordered on respectability - and even finished 2nd in a rumble pit slayer game with 21 kills where I led the majority of the match. Tonight will be the real test ~ a final blowout before I takeoff for Chicago this weekend.

Witness my sucktacular...ness

Ya but I dunno. Sometimes it's like taking candy from a baby and then shooting it with a rocket launcher, and others I can't help but eat hardcore murder. I joined up with the guys from Maddenmania (which is a boring link considering they haven't played any clan games) and ran with them for the first time last night, and if all goes well I'll get in some groups with those guys some so I can maybe figure out wtf I'm doing in an objective based game.

On a side note, I spellchecked this and didn't screw up one word that I didn't intentionally mean to.


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