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Lessee - I bought GTA: San Andreas on October 30th, 2004. I finished the story missions on November 30th, 2005 and then completed 100% of the game on December 14th. Now while it doesn't normally take me over a year to finish games, I would play this at random intervals - virtually always serving as an outlet from boredom or frustration from other games.

I was always touchy about people discussing the story line as I wanted to be surprised as I ran thru it, so even when I encountered such sites as:

which tells the summaries of every GTA game made to date, I refused to read it on account of my willingness to one day complete all of them myself. I have GTA: 3 and Vice City waiting in the wings to be played thru next, so I guess at this rate expect another post by me about one of them in about a year from today.

But wow, what an experience. My last few weeks of playing has been especially involving, as I've even went as far as rewatching Boyz 'N Tha Hood on an old VHS tape I had in high school and I even sat thru Menace II Society on Showtime a week ago. At a wedding I was in a few weekends ago my friends looked at me with the same awe as say...a monkey shitting a grandfather clock when I pulled up with "Nuthin But a 'G' Thang" blasting out the windows of my Volvo - so who says video games don't influence you again?

I felt this post was necessary to boast my accomplishment, and while no one may care other than myself about the stats I racked up - I'm posting 'em anyway. Behold...

Hoo-Rider: 13582

Times Drowned:
# of Hosipital Visits: 38
Current # of Girlfriends: 6
# of Girls Dated: 6
# of Successful Dates: 89
# of Disastrous Dates: 3
# of Times Scored w/ a Girl: 61
# of Prostitutues Visited: 47
# of Meals Eaten: 124
Luck: 1000
Pilot Ranking: Captain

Weapon: $117200
Fashion: $16067
Property: $1039000
Auto Repair & Painting: $5700
Tattoo: $2840
Hairdressing: $4600
Prostitute: $592
Strip Club: $60
Car Modification: $30050
Food: $1103
Total Shopping: $169460
Money Spent Gambling: $26693
Money Won Gambling: $24520
Money Lost Gambling: $2173
Biggest Gambling Win: $5000
Biggest Gambling Loss: $400

Weapons (all on Hitman skill level)
Bullets Fired: 52932
KGS of Explosives Used: 412
Bullets that Hit: 33875

# of Police Bribes: 9
Total # of Wanted Stars Attained: 1258
Total # of Wanted Stars Evaded: 733
Times Busted: 10
Criminals Wasted: 208
Gang Members Wasted: 2207
People Wasted by Others: 1057
People You've Wasted: 6150
Road Vehicles Destroyed: 1196
Boats Destroyed: 9
Planes & Helicopters Destroyed: 230
Cost of Property Damaged: $6137913
Tires Popped by Gunfire: 332
Number of Headshots: 1088
Fires Started: 1470
Total Legitimate Kills: 4057

All Girlfriends 100%
Distance Travelled on Foot: 1134404 ft.
Distance Travelled by Swimming: 56187 ft.
Distance Travelled by Car: 6641632 ft.
Distance Travelled by Bicycle: 359870 ft.
Distance Travelled by Motorbike: 3387854 ft.
Distance Travelled by Boat: 228493 ft.
Distance Travelled by Helicopter: 497093 ft.
Distance Travelled by Plane: 858889 ft.
Distance Travelled on Treadmill: 9466 ft.
Flight Time: 2:23
Time on Jetpack: 0:50
Longest Treadmill Time: 2:04
Distance Travelled on Exercise Bike: 200313 ft.
Longest Exercise Bike Time: 25:45
Best Insane Stunt Awarded: Double Insane Stunt
Unique Jumps Found: 16/70
Unique Jumps Done: 8/70
Longest Wheelie Distance: 1687.67 ft.
Longest Wheelie Time: 0:42
Longest Stoppie Distance: 244.22 ft.
Longest Stoppie Time: 0:13
Longest 2 Wheels Distance: 86.15 ft.
Longest 2 Wheels Time: 0:04
Maximum Insane Jump Distance: 6250.00 ft.
Maximum Insane Jump Height: 28
Maximum Insane Jump Flips:
Maximum Insane Jump Rotation: 1022º
Last Chase Time w/ 5 Stars: 1:13
Longest Chase Time w/ 5 Stars: 1:55
Last Dance Score: 10200
Furthest Hoop: 162.22 ft.
Heaviest Weight on Bench Press: 320 lbs
Heaviest Weight on Dumbbells: 110 lbs
Tags Sprayed: 100/100
Snapshots Taken: 50/50
Oysters Collected: 50/50
Horseshoes Collected: 50/50

Mission Attempts: 351
Missions Passed: 145
Highest Vigilante Mission Level: 12
Criminals Killed on Vigilante Mission: 214
Highest Firefighter Mission Level: 12
Total Fires Extinguished: 88
Highest Paramedic Mission Level: 12
People Saved in Ambulance: 78
Cash Made in a Taxi: $9690
Passengers Dropped Off: 50
# of Truck Missions Passed: 8
$ Made in Truck: $30550
Pimping Level: 10
# of Girls Pimped: 10
$ Made from Pimping: $9600
# of Vehicles Exported: $30/30
Time Taken to Complete Quarry: 23:44
Packages Delivered: 67
Photographs Taken: 91
Best Position in 8-Track: 1
Best Time in 8-Track: 5:33
Best Lap in 8-Track: 0:24
Best Position in Dirt Track: 1
Best Time in Dirt Track: 5:54
Best Lap Time in Dirt Track: 0:54
BMX Best Time: 2:35
NRG-500 Best Time: 1:33
Shooting Range Levels Passed: 12/12
Most Cars Parked in 'Valet Parking': 25/25
Total Time in Bloodring: 1:00
Kickstart Best Score: 27
Highest Basketball Score: 45
Best Time in Lowrider Race: 1:26
Best Time in Little Loop: 0:50
Best Time in Backroad Wanderer: 1:50
Best Time in City Circuit: 1:43
Best Time in Vinewood: 2:44
Best Time in Freeway: 2:20
Best Time in Into the Country: 3:27
Best Time in Badlands A: 3:36
Best Time in Badlands B: 3:31
Best Time in Dirtbike Danger: 2:01
Best Time in Bandito County: 2:38
Best Time in Go-Go-Kart: 2:28
Best Time in San Fierro Fastland: 1:45
Best Time in San Fierro Hills: 5:07
Best Time in Country Endurance: 5:23
Best Time in SF to LV: 3:11
Best Time in Dam Rider: 2:09
Best Time in Desert Tricks: 2:22
Best Time in LV Ringroad: 2:16
Best Time in World War Aces: 2:46
Best Time in Barnstorming: 6:18
Best Time in Military Service: 7:03
Best Time in Chopper Checkpoint: 4:01
Best Time in Whirly Bird Waypoint: 3:57
Best Time in Heli Heli: 6:40

Progress Made: 100.00%
Playing Time: 113:07
Days Passed in Game: 399
Safehouse Visits: 374
Vehicle Resprays: 213
Times Visited the Gym: 38

..and I also need to mention, not 1 cheat was used to beat the game. That's not saying I didn't enter cheat codes and use them to cause mayhem on another save on the memory card, but this run-thru was done cheat-free.


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