Friday, May 27, 2005

The Infamous Leeroy Jenkins

Had to post this for some Friday afternoon funnies.

I don't often admit it but from time to time I've been an MMO geek - was a 4 year level 65 Iksar Shadowknight in Everquest, an R5 Irekei Assassin in Shadowbane and a level 60 Orc Warrior in World of Warcraft, being the most recent. Well, peering back thru the old guild pages I ran across this story some time ago - and after being rehashed on the Maddenmania boards I felt obliged to post it for whoever visits the blog as well.

Basically, a raid group is about to enter the Father Flame fight in World of Warcraft, and as the group discusses their meticulous strategy a paladin by the name of Leeroy gets up mid-talk and charges into the battle alone. When he charges, he belts out a "LEEEEEEEEEEROYYYYYYYY JENNNNNNNNKINSSSSSSS!" and charges into the room. Freakin' hilarity.

Check it out here.

After the raid is wiped out they start cussing at Leeroy, and he replies with an "At least I have chicken."

Here's some spinoffs of the situation, be sure to watch the original video in that link before going onto the following sites.


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