Thursday, May 26, 2005


Ok, I'm a lifelong Utah Jazz fan, I've never seen days like this, days where you finished with the 4th worst record in the league, no playoffs and the highlight of being a part of the lottery. I use to laugh at those teams that got so excited about the lottery.

That was until I knew the exact date, time and location of this years lottery, this was it, gonna grab Bogut or Chris Paul and get everyone back healthy to kick the shod out of the rest of the NorthWest Division that is slowly dying, with the exception of Denver. It was so clear, Sonics are gonna lose Ray Allen, TWolves gonna lose Garnett in an off-season trade, Portland is gonna lose one or two guy to the Penal System and Denver just can't handle the Jazz when they are healthy, AK47 slaps the hell out of Melo.

Then we got #7 and last years debacle of a season was a mirage.

How does a team with the 4th worst record get the 7th pick? Who the hell designed this system. Last years expansion team, EXPANSION! got only the 5th pick, thats a great way to build fan loyalty in Charlotte, an area that has already lost a team due to lack of fan interest.


Milwaukee got the first pick, followed by Atlanta (who coincidentally finished with only 12 wins and had been tanking it for Bogut since early January).

I'm expecting Bogut to go to the Bucks, Marvin Williams to the Hawks and Paul to whomever trades for the third pick, cause after 1 and 2, its a long way down, I don't care what anyone says. To me, no way you can compare Marvin even to Andrew Bogut, Bogut will grab 10 rebounds and drop 12-15 ppg from day one, no question, guy has been NBA ready for 2 years and has allegedly pack on an additional 10 lbs of mass to get to 255. Guy is a downright stud and if morals didn't hold me back, I'd have him impregnate my wife as to raise mini-Boguts to finance my future.

Anyways, as Chuck said, back to the gaming front. I've been somewhat obsessed with 3 things as of late, God of War (almost finished,) Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow (one mission to go then I am buying Chaos Theory) and MVP 2005 (in which I have started a season with the New Mets that are disturbingly similar to the old Mets that can't beat the Atlanta Braves).

i have a few days off, I have some NBA Playoffs recorded in HD on my DVR so I'm pretty much set to withdraw from humanity for the next two days.

And on a random thought, which this blog mainly is, what is with the talk of having to reserve an XBOX 360 6 months before release, do we really think Microsoft isn't going to have enough of these on launch day? Seriously, if these things aren't for sale in the subways of manhattan from an illegal Bill Gates cronie, I'll be shocked.


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