Monday, June 20, 2005

He may never play in a Pro-Bowl, but while he's in college...

What do these names have in common: Curtis Enis, Ryan Brewer, and Jeff Backes? All of them are under 5'10";. All of them were dominating in their Ohio high school football careers, so dominating they were all named Ohio's Mr. Football. All of them were dynamic college players whose presence on the field decided key Buckeye games. Just so happens that none of them actually played FOR the Buckeyes! Let's recap what the diminutives have done against Ohio State, then discuss what the Bucks have done about recruiting stud running backs in-spite of their size.

Buckeye fans will remember Curtis Enis from the October 11, 1997 game where he torched the Silver Bullets for 211 yards and a touch on 23 carries resulting in a come-from-behind 31-27 victory for the Nittany Lions. What they remember the most is that it was Enis who drove the final nail in the coffin at 10:31 in the 4th quarter with a 26 yard death-to-Ohio-State touchdown run.


Diminutives - 1, Ohio State - 0.

Ryan Brewer broke Curtis Enis' record for yards in a season for Ohio high school football. Did OSU recruit him? NO! Instead they let him beat the bucks not once, but the prestigious Outback Bowl. While Brewer was never a "stud" in college, he put up the only numbers that have ever mattered to a Buckeye fan.

Diminutives - 3, Ohio State - 0.

If you can't see me, you can't tackle me!.

Jeff Backes, not only was named Mr. Football in 2000, he played in Upper Arlington. UA is approximately 4 miles from THE Ohio State University, as the crow flies. Backes was moved to cornerback at Northwestern, so Bucks fans will never know if he would have taken Clarett's place after his departure. What they do know is that with the Bucks driving at the end of last years game, Backes picked off Zwick in the end zone, sealing the biggest upset in Northwestern's history.

Diminutives - 4, OSU - 0.

So, do we think Ohio State has learned it's lesson???? Ladies and Gentlemen, please say hello to Ohio State's newest Why-the-hell-didn't-we-recruit-him player, Tyrell Sutton:

You must be this tall to beat the Bucks...

What has Tyrell done to warrant passing over? He's 5'9" and 190 lbs (check). He racked up 3,241 yards and 38 touchdowns, just dropped 200 yards and 3 touchdowns on Ohio's brightest in the North-South game this past weekend, and he won this year's Ohio's Mr. Football award (check). So what else does the prophecy portend? Well, he'll be attending Northwestern this fall, so I'm guessing at least one more loss to the mighty Wildcats over the next couple of seasons. While most Bucks fans would be upset at this revelation, I look forward to the day when I can point my finger at Tressel and company and give them a big "I fucking told you so!"


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