Monday, June 06, 2005

Have you ordered your Athlons yet?

We are around 38 days and counting (or so our "friends" at Maddenmania like to estimate, I personally have not seen a definite release date yet) until the release of NCAA 2006 and I'm ready to go, got my athlons ordered, picked the National cover one of USC/Michigan/Tenn and the Western Version which is pretty much my extent of coverage of that region living in New York City unless I pony up 9 bucks a game.

38 days and counting

The only thing holding me back from running down the street visibly aroused with my panties at my ankles and a bowl of spaghetti-O's is the fact I'm going to be in Alabama covering the AA Southern League Allstar game the week it comes out, a week behind in NCAA could help me improve on my 18-32 record online. I could possibly suck even worse next year online than I did this year.

One thing the delay benefits me is that I may never have to play without named players, as my man Blacklover will have the rosters finished on my site by the time I get back, so it could be worse.

Suck my ass Gary!

Time for me to buy an AC, its June in NYC and I have none. Its also 2005 and I live in an apartment without central air or a dishwasher, this city can in the words of Calvin Schiraldi speaking about Gary Carter "Suck my ass".


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