Thursday, June 16, 2005

Its 1:15 am and I'm bloggin, Thank you Chris Snelling

5-1 game, Portland Beavers vs Tacoma Rainiers, pushing 12:58 am and I'm finishing up my shit here at work. What do i hear?

"Bases loaded bottom 9, bringing in Brad Baker for the Beavers" In my world Brad Baker is the future replacement for Trevor Hoffman, a closer who brings ungodly heat and a sweet azz changeup.

"Chris Snelling just hit a grand slam, we're tied!"

That friggin cocklobber, a grand slam, its 1:15 am now as I figure I'd contribute to what I have not been, this blog.

This guy=Cocksmoker

Anyways, in the world of video games, I've sadly not had enough time, I'm hopelessly addicted to my Mets dynasty and just got Beltran back after 17 days on the DL with a concussion (NO MORE DIVING FOR NO APPARANT REASON!) in which I lost 75% of my games to let the Phillies back into my division, I'm currently only 1.5 games up on them now.

God Of War has its hooks in me as well, I'm feeling i'm getting close to the end but everytime I think i'm done, its 4:00 am and dammit, I have to go to work within 12 hours, so that's pretty much my schedule.

Haven't had enough time to eat, sleep or get laid but I did happen to plug a game tying RBI Double in the bottom of the 8th today (not to mention make 2 erros in the outfield, just horrific ball I played today). If I didn't get that hit, I truly think it may have effected office morale. Epic win today.

Hopefully me and Biron can get together and possibly play the last 3 games in our best of 7, currently tied at 1-1. Eaton is on the hill for Game 3 at spacious Petco, even the Big Donkey has to lay into one to get it out of there.

War Eagle

Oh yeah, and in case you were sleeping too well tonight, the King Scientologist "If you don't like Scientology F*CK you, I mean, I don't Give a F*CK" Tom Cruise is dating this and converting her to the same lovely "Religion"



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