Monday, June 13, 2005

Just random game-playing

Well I got back into video games pretty hardcore over the weekend, as it was one of the first in which I actually had time to touch myself, had I preferred to do that. Now naturally I didn't do that - I mean, I always heard that it'd make me go blind, and my eyesight is pretty indispensable when I want to play video games and watch sports on TV for a living.

Also, I haven't found a job that permits me to do that - but we all have dreams.

Anyway, I went with my typical approach to my gaming collection. Last Thursday I fired up God of War in an attempt to finish the Challenge of the Gods, but after being unable to complete the 3rd level where you jump platforms to eliminate all the undead and the archers after 50 tries, I nearly busted a hole in my closet door from hurling shit at it in frustration. Here's a board I've passed some 4-5 times at least, and for some reason it wasn't coming together - hence the sore hand and more-broke headset (yet still operational...somehow).

I hit up Top Spin again on Friday, trying to seal up the rest of Career Mode and win the remaining tournaments. I took 2 Minor Pro tourneys in Europe, then had to ninja reset as I was in the 2nd round of a Major against some no-name fool. I mean hey, who wants make Career Mode drag out longer than it already does? It's great for diehards, but not for the casual tennis player like me who wants a maxxed out character to beat on people with when they come over. Also the fact that I can't play mixed doubles with Anna - and that just adds to my compounding disinterest in finishing the mode.

Understand what I'm saying?

Saturday I got a call from my boy BDawg about playing some NCAA '05 - I had rumored to pick it back up in the name of Maddenmania for an upcoming challenge against VG Sports, so he wanted to cash in on a few victories before I got my game back up to par. What resulted was a brutal offensive display by us both, as my Cal Golden Bears finally beat his Louisville Cardinals 12-9 in 3 OT's.

It was that ugly. I had 127 total yards (90 rush/37 pass), BDawg had 117 (57 rush/60 pass). The 2 most accurate passers in the NCAA (Cal's Aaron Rodgers & UL's Stefan LeFors) went a combined 7-44 for 97 yards and 3 interceptions. Rigoddamndiculous. It was like remembering why I retired that game following the DaONE championship back in December - ugly, ugly & ugly. And stupid.

Afterwards I sparked up MVP '05 for some online action before Teebee the Ninja-Logger hopped off without saying a fuckin' word, so I took on a guy named RJHOPKINS89 - who got the Mets and threw nothing but low circle changeups with Tom Glavine. It wasn't until the bottom of the 7th until he put a 50/99 stamina'd Pedro Martinez in that I was able to string 2 base hits together before 3B Mike Lowell belted a walk-off 3 run HR. The change he threw all game had a knuckle ball wobble to it for some reason, and he got himself eliminated from the game when the ball cleared the fence due to unfair behavior. I watched for a minute and finally gave "Cheater" feedback, at which point I was awarded a 3-0 win (real score was 4-1) to my profile. No idea why, but it happened.

Sunday morning and after I woke up at noon was all day Tiger Woods - I finally filled the last 3 atrribute stats up to 110%, and finally started playing the PGA Tour. I got my game completion up to 76% as a result of winning the Coeur d'Alene tournament with a -98 under par. Ya, that's right, I shot a 52, 48, 46 and a 48 - shattering my younger brother's records that were saved on my memory card in an attempt to win my game back from him (he owns every stat on my card because we played together one time and it saved it all over my stuff). So with that -98 score, I also just wanted to say to my friend "eat it, Claggett", cause I know he'll read this at one point and say to himself, "god I hate Tiger Woods".

Ooh also, for a brief period Sunday morning at 4:45am, I was on the leaderboards as #14 after shooting a 54 at Colonial in the long-drive enabled tournament online. When I woke up later in the day I was completely off of it, but for a brief moment I was a golfing icon envied by the 12 little kids and their gamesharks that dominate those leaderboards on a daily basis.


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