Monday, December 12, 2005

World Baseball Classic

Not sure how much you've been following the future event, but from March 3rd - 20th, 2006, six different venues will host the first World Baseball Classic. The landmark event is set to have teams representing their countries of Australia, Canada, China, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Italy, the Netherlands, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Chinese Taipei, the United States and Venezuela. Currently, 177 Major League players have committed to play for their home countries, including both of this year's MVP's in Albert Pujols and Alex Rodriguez.

As an article on states, imagine a first round showdown between USA's Barry Bonds & Canada's Eric Gagne, or a 9th inning at bat between Chicago White Sox teammates Mark Buerhle of the U.S. and Tadahito Iguchi of Japan to decide which of their countries advances to the Final. Any way you slice it, this event looks to be one of the most exciting events since the first year the NBA players went international with the first "Dream Team".

Clicking the pic will take you to the MLB homepage featuring updates on the event as players commit to their countries, as well as providing you with dates that games will be played at different locations along with the opportunity to purchase tickets for the event.

Now on a side note, Boz and I have been talking about updating our MVP Baseball rosters once again as our excitement again begins to surface following the winter meetings, and now we're working on a way to include the WBC teams on the roster file as well - so I guess if you're still hailing MVP Baseball as the greatest baseball title available for the MLB, then be sure and stay tuned in the near future to the download section along link side of this blog.


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