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Franchise Mode NBA Mock Draft : Bogut over Marvin, sorry critics, you are wrong.

With the NBA Draft coming up on Tuesday, all I hear is Marvin Williams has more potential than Bogut but Bogut may be more ready for the NBA. Here's how I see it panning out Tuesday night, excuse me while I slip on my oversized-bright purple pinstriped suit and hat with the flat brim to get in the mood here.

2005 NBA Mock Draft

1. Milwaukee Bucks: Andrew Bogut, C
Ok, first of all, the pick comes down to Marvin Williams versus Andrew Bogut. We're not comparing a senior and a freshman here, we are comparing a freshman and a friggin sophomore! Just because Bogut won every award sans the Zuckerman's famous pig award in NCAA Hoops last year, doesn't' mean he's capped out and reached his potential. Marvin is amazing and going to be a spectacular player but he's 6'7 and shyed away from contact last year, although he did get the game winning tip in the NC game.

Bogut had four guys on him every game all year and still put up 25 and 20 multiple times and carried a Utah team that had virtually no veritable talent outside of himself to the Sweet Sixteen. Its still the same story, Alex Smith is everyone's favorite target until he's picked then he's going to be a great QB for the niners.

Also, Boguts resume just screams of experience, which makes folks think he's older than he is, the guy isn't even 21 yet, we are comparing a potential packed 19 year old with an accomplished 20 year old, to me, there's no question who is the #1 Pick.

2. Atlanta Hawks: Marvin Williams F
Some think passing on Marvin is like passing on MJ to take Sam Buuwee, I don't think its that drastic, kid is 19, is going to be dynamic, just schools everyone he faces in isolation situations which means he's going to be dominant at the NBA Level cuz face it, its a one-on-one league, he'll fit in on the Hawks, bunch of kids running around with no apparent clue how to play the game. Hopefully, Marvin can teach Josh Smith and the rest how to win.

3. Portland Blazers: Deron Williams, PG
This pick is not going to be used by the Blazers, if I had to pick one team that is going to bite on the pick, I'd say the Jazz, they are willing to trade anything and anyone plus the #6 pick to get one of the big 3 PG's in the draft, Deron just fits them like a glove, look for him to quickly switch his Jailblazers lid for a Jazz cap on draft night, always an uncomfortable moment, you just finished discussing how you can't wait to play with Zach Randolph, next thing you know you're picturing Jerry Sloan screaming at you, Scary.

4. New Orleans Horncats: Gerald Green, F
This High Schooler may be the best athlete/player in the draft the same way T-Mac was when he slipped in the '97 draft. People will look back and say HOW THE HOLY SWEET HELL DID GREEN GO 4! That's how much I like this kid, if the world were correct the Jazz would forget about the disappointment of Deshawn Stevenson and take him but alas, that is not going to happen. Green, Magloire, JR Smith (thanks for the correction cocksmoker) and Dickau are going to make up for last years embarrassment of a season.

5. Charlotte Bobnets: Chris Paul, PG
Kid has been destined to play for this team since their inception, ok, that's a bit dramatic since they've been around for a year, but Bernie Bickerstaff has been stiff for Paul since he took over for the Hornets....errr..Bobcats. Okafor and Paul could be a solid combo but the fact remains, the Cats got hosed by the NBA lottery process, expansion teams should get a guaranteed top 3 pick for their first two or three years. Great pick though here and an absolute steal at #5.

6. Utah Jazz: Danny Granger, F
Once again, I say Portland makes this selection or the trade between Utah and Portland occurs right after this pick. Granger can flat out fill it up and proceeded to shove it down the Utes aholes (or is that up their aholes, i don't know, not sure about insertions in that orifice) every time they played, just a man amongst boys in the Mtn West Conference along with Bogut. Also, he just seems like a TrailBlazer doesn't he? I love my logic.

7. Toronto Raptors: Raymond Felton, PG
The Raps are so bad at the draft process I want to say they take the Giant European with pituitary problems but the fact remains, these point guards are the jewels of this draft. Felton will bring this team back to respectability quickly in the weak azz Atlantic division, he is probably the best athlete of either Paul or Williams and hasn't shown his complete game yet.

8. New York Knicks: Frans Vaquez, F
Oh boy, my heart is leaping with joy as I await the boos and jeers this Euro will enjoy walking to the podium here in NYC as the uneducated Aholes who live only for today's win go bananas. You thought Isiah made a good pick here? Well, get over it, no way he wastes a pic on a white player, he HATES white players, this guy is moving somewhere, possibly with Kurt Thomas for a combo of Quentin Richardson and another of the Suns players. Another great season awaits the Knicks as they pick up another tweener with a huge ass contract, I LOVE NEW YORK!

9. Golden State Warriors: Channing Frye, C
The best collection of college all-stars gets yet another as Frye slides into the starting center spot in Oakland. Frye is not a physical player but has such a well rounded game he'll instantly become a favorite as the Warriors win their standard 25-30 games next season. Frye, Dunleavy and Murphy along with Baron Davis poses problems every night as they get more experienced, team is coming along supa nice.

10. L.A. Lakers: Joey Graham, F
Just an absolute beast of an athlete, the Lakers get another player they can instantly plug into the starting lineup and now they can move Devean George and stop playing Jumaine Jones so effing much. Graham has an outside chance of Rookie of the Year considering the minutes he's going to get under the Zen master, a great compliment to Kobe.

11. Orlando Magic: Martell Webster, G
The Magic youth movement continues as they are starting to look like the Eastern Conf. Contenders.....if this were 2008! Still, Jameer, Bill Webster and Dwight Howard are going to be a kick-ass squad, Webster is ready to go which is amazing how much better these HS kids are getting, this guy could be one of the top shooters in the draft. If only the Magic could keep Hill healthy and unload Stevie Franchise, he blows.

12. L.A. Clippers: Yaroslov Kovalev, F
Apparently, I've read that one team has promised the Ruskie that they were definitely taking him with their first pick, to me, that just screams CLIPPERS! If a russian is drafted in LA and noone is there to hear it , does it really happen? Can't wait for opening day!

13. Charlotte Bobcats: Hakim Warrick, F
Alone, Warrick may be too small, gambles too much on D and could be overpowered by stronger players. With Okafor on this team, Dear Lord, they are going to be blocking shots left and right. I'm still a big fan of Warrick despite the suits badmouthing of him, Paul Warrick and Okafor makes for an exciting year on Tobacco road (like i know where tobacco road is, I just thought that would sound good).

14. Minnesota T'Wolves: Charlie Villanueva, F
This guy (I won't say it , I promise) is a stud, he blocks shots, (don't say it!) can score at will on anyone, (NOOO!) and can handle the rock. Attitude is an issue (come on, I have to say it!) and is the reason he isn't at UCONN this year, Jim Calhoun just didn't want him back. Oh yeah, (oh boy, here it goes) HE HAS NO EYEBROWS!

15. N.J. Nets: Sean May, F
Sean May ranked incredibly high in my mind on the "measure the athlete" NFL style NBA Minicamp held a few weeks back, showing good vert and speed. Facts remain facts, he's fat, he's slow, and he has a good touch around the hoop. Could be a good guy off the bench but I highly doubt he's going to repeat his NCAA Final dramatics in the pros, who knows, the guy has good pedigree and its rare to find a big man with his credentials this deep in the draft.

16. Toronto Raptors: Chris Taft, F
If it were possible to have a worse attitude than a Hybrid of Randy Moss and Terrell Owens, here's the guy folks! Plays as if the team owes him something for showing up, at least he's consistently giving a half-assed effort. Still, following the May theory, worth a grab at 16 considering this guy was lottery bound before he turned into a total steamy tool last season at Pitt.

17. Indiana Pacers: Rashad McCants, F
Could the ending of the story be any sweeter than this? McCants will step right in for Reggie, no clue if his brain is as good as his shot, but if its anywhere close, this guy is yet another steal in the draft. McCants can flat out fill it up from 3pt land and as long as he at least gives a tiny bit of effort, he's going to be a solid pro.

18. Boston Celtics: Antoine Wright, F
Danny Ainge loves athletic NCAA players (SWEET! BEAUTIFUL! Enter other Danny-isms in here, SMOTHERED CHICKEN!) and while Wright isn't really as athletic as he seems, he'll be able to hide his inadequacies in Bostons go go go offense. Other draftniks have him going higher than this, but I don't see it, he's been a good player on bad teams his whole career, could be a good backup.

19. Memphis Grizzlies: Jarrett Jack, PG
Just a hair below the big three PG's, Jack will give the Grizzlies the ability to get rid of Rotten Chocolate and re-sign Earl Watson. Incredibly strong for a PG, Jack could be an NBA starter, he's started virtually since day 1 at GT and has played in many huge games, I really like Jack, and I'd love to see him do well in Memphis, one of the leagues most exciting young teams.

20. Denver Nuggets: Francisco Garcia, F
Its almost Euro time in the NBA draft, you know, the part of the draft where you really don't know anyone for at least 25 minutes? Followed by video highlights that look like they were shot by an Osama-watch camera hidden high in a gym somewhere in the Middle East? Sorry, I'm stealing Francisco's thunder, this guy is an average athlete, an average shooter who gets by on above average effort, the League needs more guys like him, a Shane Battier type winner, I love the guy.

21. Phoenix Suns: Johan Petro, C
Ok, his name is Johan, he's from France and he's black. Good thing David Stern just agreed to a NBA minor league system cause this guy is going to kick ass for the Charleston Swampdragons! A project at best and another attempt by the Suns to find their Big man.

22. Denver Nuggets: Ersan Ilyasova, F
I know so little about this guy I'm gonna plaigarize " Many believe Ilyasova was the best young prospect in Europe before a severe ankle injury kept him out most of the year. His workouts went well enough in Chicago to secure his place in the mid-first round. To me , he looks eerily similar to hunky actor Josh Hartnett, ok, luckily we're ending the first round soon because its officially EURO TIME!! WIR GEHEN ZU DAS DISCOTEQUE!

23. Sacramento Kings: Roko Ukic, G/F
Between the Jazz Kings Mavs and Nuggets, the NBA is the worlds game and here is another cog as Roko (solid NBA name for a euro, too bad he didn't go to NJ or NYC) is a legit ball-handler, he just can't shoot at this stage of the game. Might stay in Europe, might come to the states and play in the minors.

24. Houston Rockets: Wayne Simien, F
A big strong experienced rebounder could do the Rockets some good, obviously Yao ain't gonna dominate the boards. If this guy didn't blast his shoulders 50 times in college he'd be about 15 picks higher, once again, I have a certain bias towards these upper classmen mainly because they play the game right and have better attitudes, once again, generalizations rule.

25. Seattle Sonics: Andray Blatche, C
After taking Robert Swift last year, the Sonics gamble again on a big man with tremendous upside, I blame Potapenko and James, after watching those two guys, you do what you can to get a decent center. Minor leagues, once again, are going to reshape this years NBA Draft.

26. Detroit Pistons: Ryan Gomes, F
The Pistons need guys to step in and play, Gomes should be able to do just that, since there will be an open spot on the bench while Darko is toiling in AAANBA. Gomes probably should have come out last year, but he went back to school and Nova sucked ass, personally I think it killed his potential value, you know, if he's a senior he's automatically not going to get better, he can just step in and play now though. The experts are idiots.

27. Utah Jazz: Ike Diogu, F
Once again, if my theory is correct, this pick is going to Portland for the #3 pick, Diogu is another undersized big man with little to no ball handling skills and is just screaming NBA Bust, or he could turn into Kenny Thomas, I have no clue! I'll admit it here! Pick 27 ! I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING!

28. San Antonio Spurs: Kennedy Winston, G
Spurs can never have enough shooting, Winston can fill in when Parker is playing like a French whore and not driving to the hoop.

29. Miami Heat: Andrew Bynum, C
Guy was supposed to go to UCONN, after two years or so ESPN reports he could have been a lottery pick. Well, now he's headed to the Jet City Poopknuckles in the NBA's minor leagues! These HS projects are hit and miss, don't expect to hear about Bynum for a few years.

30. New York Knicks: Julius Hodge, F
Poor Julius, Knicks fans get as excited about a #30 pick as they would about a #3 pick, if he doesn't come in and shoot 60% his rook year, he's booed. I LOVE NYC, Knicks already have a player better than Hodge in Ariza but they don't care, I think Isiah would be happy if he had 14 Tim Thomas's on this squad.

There's your NBA Draft folks, I'll do a follow up and grade my picks and see how accurate I was next week sometime. Until then, here's another chick pic to continue the Franchise Mode tradition, damn you Chuck and Swade, keep this going!


  • Nyers are the most educated NBA fans out there. Macej Lampje was cheered last year...Knick fans love the rooks since they won't be getting the Houston-type contracts.

    By Blogger EmpireWF, at 6:44 PM  

  • Ok, so they cheered Lampe and that makes them the most educated? That is some backasswords logic there folks!

    By Blogger Teebeebee, at 12:20 AM  

  • By your description, they BOO any and everybody. We're not Philly.

    By Blogger EmpireWF, at 12:39 AM  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger Cajunirl, at 12:45 PM  

  • As much as i'd love to see it, the Hornets are not taking Gerald Green at number 4. They'll take a point guard (even though their biggest need IS at the 3). I'm hoping they pull off the trade with Maglore for the number 7 and 16 with Toronto. Also, it's J.R.Smith not JR Davis.

    By Blogger Cajunirl, at 12:46 PM  

  • Hey I became eligible for the draft today myself. You can peep my stats on my blog

    By Blogger Jason Moffatt, at 6:58 PM  

  • Gerald Green is going to be the very best player in this draft, and he's yet to go in the top 12.

    You got to be fuckin' kidding me.

    By Blogger bironm, at 8:47 PM  

  • Charlie V works with children who have the same disease as him...which is why he has no eyebrows...he's a great you.

    By Blogger Dr Chocolate, at 9:52 PM  

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