Saturday, December 17, 2005

Onto the Finals!

LB A.J. Hawk asks, "ahhh c'mon Coach, can I keep one?"

Buckeyes Contain Bulldogs
Bironm outdoes himself on dumb Leaguedaddy game titles

The second meeting on the season between Coach MadSci's Bulldogs and Coach Bironm's Buckeyes turned out similar to the last, with this time Ohio State advancing to the finals of the DaONE playoffs by a score of 31-7.

Ohio State began the game with a methodical march down the field against a much improved Georgia run defense from their previous matchup, penny & nickeling (no dime's to speak of) on first & second down and got bailed out by 2 third-down receptions for 61 yards by WR Ted Ginn. Despite their efforts, the Buckeyes came up short of the end zone and had to settle for a K Josh Huston 44 yard field goal. Georgia couldn't answer the 3 minute drive with one of their own, and just less than 2 minutes after the field goal the Buckeyes found the end zone, as QB Troy Smith found a leaping Ginn for a 35 yard touchdown pass.

After the first of 2 FS Nate Salley interceptions, Ohio State managed to take advantage of a short field and on 3rd and goal, Smith tucked it and ran for a 6 yard touchdown dash thru the heart of the Bulldog defense. However, by this time the Georgia offense began to click, and after 2 first downs QB D.J. Shockley went up top to his monster TE Leonard Pope, who outraced the Buckeye defense 71 yards in route to the first UGA score.

The score would remain 17-7 heading into the half, but the Buckeye defense held tough after a long kick return by Danny Ware to force another Shockley pick. With just under 4 minutes remaining in the quarter, the Buckeyes hooked up on a long ball of their own as Smith read the UGA blitz to find a wide open WR Roy Hall for a 62 yard touchdown reception. The Buckeyes would add another touchdown in the fourth on an 8 yard touchdown rush by FB Dionte Johnson, but the air had already been sucked out of the Georgia fans in the 3rd when LB A.J. Hawk wrestled an interception away from Pope in the end zone to thwart the last serious Georgia threat.

Great game Mad as usual, look forward to seeing you again in another season - can't go without dat DaONE.

Box Score & Summary
- 00-07-00-00 - 7
- 10-07-07-07 - 31

1st Quarter
44 yard field goal by Huston - 2:40
Bucks 35 yard pass from Smith to Ginn (Huston kick) - 0:42

2nd Quarter
6 yard run by Smith (Huston kick) - 4:10
UGA 71 yard pass from Shockley to Pope (Ely-Kelso kick) - 2:28

3rd Quarter
62 yard pass from Smith to Hall (Huston kick) - 3:58

4th Quarter
8 yard run by Johnson (Huston kick) - 5:24


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