Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Angry as shit

As Chuck aka Biron can attest, I'm angry as shit lately. Why?

There probably is a multitude of reasons but I'm gonna try and break them down, possibly helping me vent a little and become more of the loving friend/husband/father/brother/pimp that I should be:

-I could be angry because its the dog days of summer, sure, I love my job but I've been dealing with and babysitting fellow employees from 5 PM to 2 AM since May every night and you know what? I'm getting to the point where I want to physically injure people that are stupid. Work is a stressor for everyone and there's no exception here, I just need to keep it in perspective.

-To more frivilous reasons, I'm angry because I just happened to glance at directv.com and the new NFL Package looks friggin amazing. Sure I have a 56" HDTV, I love INHD, in fact I just finished watching Beyond Warped with Bad Religion, awesome. I need this NFL Superfan package! 8 games simultaneous on the screen at once dammit!

Not only that, you get every NFL game cut without commercials to a condensed game at midnight Sunday night.
I have cable. I get Giants and Jets games. Nothing else usually because if one local team is on Fox/CBS, no other game can be on and is blocked out. Another benefit of living in NYC.

-Not to sound like John Rocker, but sitting on the subway day-after-day here next to some guy with blue hair and a 15 year old with 3 kids and noone speaking any English and a guy next to me with AIDS, well, its making me angry as shit. Wait, that sounded like John Rocker.

-The Padres have dropped such a dump in the past two months, it's throwing a major kink in my offseason plans to go to SD and see them in the playoffs. Sure they picked up Chuck Favorite Randa and traded Nevin but I challenge anyone to find a poorer lineup right now then the Padres. The other day the outfield was Dave Roberts, Eric Young and Brian Giles. Why not just start all leadoff men and play Whitey ball! No wonder they average less than 2 runs a game in the past month. How have they won 51 games at this point? It's a miracle.

-Reason # what are we up to now, 4? 5? Who knows. Anyways, www.geekrosters.com is nearing the end of its lifespan and I can't be happier. Although it may sound dramatic, the back-stabbing, the lies, deceit and two-facery (that a word?) between those seemingly interested in using my site for their roster files is beyond making me angry anymore. In fact, Chuck is highly involved with the #1 site that is taking a bloody shit all over mine. I don't care anymore at this point, I'm done in a month and that is it for me in the online world. Time for someone else to make me rosters and for me to actually play the games. Its been a great ride and I made some good buddies and met some awesome people doing it. In the end, I would say it was worth all the effort its been over the past 3 years.

Other than those stupid trivial reason to be mad, time to snap out of it, suck it up and keep chuggin along. I'm off to kick Chucks arse again in MVP.

I figure I may as well contribute something positive to the blog, here are some pennant cheats for you guys interested in all-time teams/mascot game crap. Enjoy.

Cheat: Unlock PennantsEnter these codes at the Pennant Collection screen.
1st and 15 Pennant; opponent gains 15 yards for first down: THANKS
2004 Alabama All-time team: ROLL TIDE
2004 All-Americans pennant: FUMBLE
Arkansas All-time team: WOOPIGSOOIE
Arkansas Mascot team: BEAR DOWN
Auburn All-time team: WAR EAGLE
Baylor ratings boost: SIC EM
Blink Pennant; ref spots ball short for opponent: FOR
Boing Pennant; opponent drops passes more: REGISTERING
Clemson All-time team: DEATH VALLEY
Colorado All-time team: GLORY
Crossed The Line card: TIBURON
Cuffed card: EA SPORTS
Florida All-time team: GREAT TO BE
FSU All-time team: UPRISING
Georgia All-time team: HUNKER DOWN
Georgia Tech Mascot team: RAMBLINWREC
Illinois ratings boost: OSKEE WOW
Iowa All-time team: On Iowa
Iowa State mascot team: RED AND GOLD
Kansas mascot team: ROCK CHALK
Kansas State All-time team: VICTORY
LSU All-time team: GEAUX TIGERS
Miami All-time team: GREAT TO BE
Michigan All-time team: GO BLUE
Michigan State mascot team: GO GREEN
Minnesota mascot team: RAH RAH RAH
Mississippi State All-time team: HAIL STATE
Miss Mascot team: HOTTY TOTTY
Mizzou mascot team: MIZZOU RAH
NC State mascot team: GO PACK
Nebraska All-time team: GO BIG RED
Notre Dame All-time team: GOLDEN DOMER
NU mascot team: GO CATS
Oklahoma All-time team: BOOMER
Ohio State All-time team: KILLER NUTS
Oklahoma All-time team: BOOMER
Ole Miss Mascot team: HOTTY TOTTY
Oregon All-time team: QUACK ATTACK
OSU All-time team: GO POKES
Penn State All-time team: WE ARE
Pittsburgh All-time team: LETS GO PITT
Purdue All-time team: BOILER UP
Quarterback Dud pennant: ELITE 11
South Carolina Mascot team: GO CAROLINA
Stiffed pennant: NCAA
Syracuse All-time team: ORANGE CRUSH
Take Your Time pennant: FOOTBALL
Tennessee All-time team: BIG ORANGE
Texas AM All-time team: GIG EM
Texas All-time team: HOOK EM
Texas Tech ratings boost: FIGHT
UCLA All-time team: MIGHTY
UGA All-time team: HUNKER DOWN
UK Mascot team: ON ON UK
UNC All-time team: RAH RAH
USC All-time team: FIGHT ON
UVA All-time team: WAHOOS
VT All-time team: TECH TRIUMPH
Wake Forest Mascot team: GO DEACS GO
Washington All-time team: BOW DOWN
What A Hit pennant: BLITZ
Wisconsin All-time team: U RAH RAH
WSU mascot team: ALL HAIL
WVU mascot team: HAIL WV


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