Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Couple downloads...

I wanted to hop on before someone else posted an article (I ice-skated to work today) and put up a few downloads for NCAA 2006.

First, I came up with a spreadsheet that I originally posted at MM listing every team's playbook in the game, and its available here (Microsoft Excel required). Some people ask what it's for, and after resisting the urge to hit them over the head with a tack hammer I explain how it's much easier to glance at this one time printable sheet to try out a new playbook versus blindly going into a game with one that's not going to jive with your playing style. I mean, you may know about Urban Meyer at Florida but I bet you had no idea of Eastern Michigan's new offensive sets after being option for as long as I can remember.

Also on the download tip, user "Marino" over at MM has also posted a list of online teams, their grade ranks and their impact players found here (must be registered...and you know what, if you're not by now you may as well). This makes for a handy reference when searching for teams to match-up versus opponents, especially knowing going in who your impact players are against them as well.

Finally, "Blitzburgh" has finally compiled all his custom NCAA/Madden covers in one location, and those can be found here. He unfortunately does a lot of Steelers, but he has done some pretty bitchin' Buckeye covers as well - most notably Archie under Swade's name on the Now Playing list. The guy is pretty good and sent me my Madden template, so when you see Carson and Chad showing up on Madden covers here shortly - that's where they came from.


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