Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Back like a vertebrae...

Well for the most part, things didn't go dormant here and stayed interesting while I was on the illustrious, sunny beach of Wells, Maine last week. And coincidentally, if you're scoring at home, that's 2 heavy doses of irony in just the first sentence...

At any rate, allow me the opportunity to regain your interest like a real man:

(this would be your cue to click the pic & take a quick break)

Ok so last time I left you, NCAA 2006 was delivered and I sheltered myself from the sun with my ass firmly planted in my PS2 chair as to avoid exposure to ultra-violet sun rays, which are slowly leaking into our planet's atmosphere due to a depleting Ozone layer - you know, rather than the fact that delivery day could loosely be labeled "My Christmas" as I prance around the house screaming like a 13-year old girl after seeing Tom Crui - err, marrying Tom Cruise for the first time. Be sure to note my lack of using a Katie Holmes pic in this provided space as to not trump Boz's earlier picture of her. At FM, we piss around our pics and mark our territory like wolves.

Fast forward to present day, my ill-timed vacation kinda stung me in my video game committments (my wife says I don't get paid so they're not committments - little does she know I won a free EA hat 2 years ago in a tournament), but I'm getting a hold of it. After becoming the NCAA Online Director guy at Maddenmania last year, this year is my first in essence - "launch", and I'm trying to get a list of users up, rules, coordinate events and line up prizes and whatnot to keep my forum hoppin'. On top of catching that stuff up, I wrote a feature article in the 3rd edition of "MMM", or the "Maddenmania Magazine", which came out available for your shitter-reading material yesterday (click pic to download). It's called "The Online Edge", starts on page #8 and goes on for a god-awful long time, but if you read pretty closely you oughta pick up some pretty valuable tips from who some refer to as "the greatest that ever lived".

(The "some" that I speak of more or less means myself...ok, it is myself)

I've tried to provide as much insight as possible on the NCAA and NCAA Online forums during my original 2 days prior to vacation and my 21-hour session upon arriving home last Saturday night, so if you read this and were interested - hope you got over and asked some questions.

So for the most part, the next few months will more than likely consist of many NCAA praises, rants and ridicule (most ridicule aimed at a frustrated Teebee), until I'm sure Teebee will either abandon it for Madden or become obsessed with NBA Live because he doesn't suck at them. Right now I have my #2 "Now Playing" game set at - you know, I have no idea, but rest assured I ain't playing it - but point I was going for, I'm sure the other 2 non-obsessive (ok, less obsessive) writers here will cover other things if NCAA isn't your game. The only thing you'll be interested in from me for a while is seeing the hottest bitches on the site - I mean, Swade and Teebs ain't in my league in that respect.

know what I'm sayin?


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