Wednesday, July 27, 2005

NCAA '06 Impact Tournament

Just posting to attract attention to my first online event of the year, you know, as if Maddenmania doesn't get more hits per day then we get here at FM in a year. Anyway, tournament is 32 competitors with a backup list of an additional 10, and after the first 3 days so far it's been a huge success.

(click for large view)

That's the layout, it's a tournament using 'B' rated teams and you're allowed to use any team off the list one time. I like these kinds of setups because you can't blame the outcome on someone having a better team or getting stuck with a team that doesn't play to your strengths, and you essentially in this scenario have every opportunity to matchup and return whatever you're facing at any point throughout the competition.

The winner is set to take home (err, rather "get sent") his own copy of Madden 2006 courtesy of MM, but I can't say that in public just yet (oops...) because we don't actually have the copies as of this very moment. In the least, winner takes home grab bag items from EA - but pretty sure it's going to be Madden for 1st and maybe 2nd place.

Anyway, for those of you scoring at home you can follow the action on the bracket post in the NCAA online section. Tournament allows 3 days per round of play, and should be over prior to Madden release.


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