Friday, July 29, 2005

Madden '06 in-hand

...or in my case July 28th.

Yesterday I ran home for my lunch break to let my miniature schnauzer out for a piss, and upon arriving I was met at the front door by that oh-so-familiar package leaning up against it. Madden '06 was here, and visions of hours upon hours of gameplay danced around in my head like those little reproducing broomsticks in that one Mickey Mouse movie, "Anastasia" - or something like that. Anyway, I didn't exactly get to enjoy the game as I had planned, I mean...after all, it was my 4th wedding anniversary and I had a full night's worth of plans with my lovely wife that evening. She did go to bed around 12:30 last night (err this morning, whatever), but I for some reason logged online to get smacked around in NCAA for 2 games before retiring for the night.

But hey, the movie "Wedding Crashers" is freakin' hilarious, and it definitely gets the FM recommendation on the women in the movie. I can't speak for blog spammers Swade and Boz, but I'm sure they'd agree with me knowing that they're your typical, hard-dicked male-Americans.

So! I have softball tonight for a while and then I'll be manning the forums at MM answering whatever questions you or whoever may have for me to the best of my ability, after all I feel like I owe it to the football community after that ill-timed vacation during NCAA's pre-release. Feel free to click the link to the right or any one of 10,000 other places I may have linked MM here in this blog to find me (like in this very paragraph).

My initial impressions so far are good, as I feel from my experience of 12 total games of Madden '05 that I'm not the best person to compare the 2 versions. I'm not a hater by any measure; I'm just a hopeless NCAA junky who typically uses the newest Madden edition as a coaster after the initial rush. The Bengals are looking pretty good on the game this year, and hey - if I don't suck then by god I'll play the damn thing maybe, try to win some tournaments or something.

...and by tournaments I in no way am referring to the Madden Challenge, as it's been moved to Xbox this year (?) - and the NCAA Challenge is still homoerotically a requirement to be enlisted at the school where you'd play from.

On the NCAA tip, I had to share this recent discovery with you. Apparently, there's a glitch in the Xbox versions of the game where random recruits come into school at a playing size of ooooooohh, about 8" tall. Now I know there's a minimum size and everything when creating prospects, but for some reason something got jacked up in the whole ordeal and as a result, there's some awfully funky happenings going on in the top #25...

Anyway, here's the thread at MM & here's a video for your amusement.


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