Thursday, July 28, 2005

Manny Ramirez closet rocker and PADS WIN!

Ok, I've said it a million times, Manny Ramirez is the worst Outfielder in the history of Major League Baseball. Ok, before you freak out at me, I said Outfielder! Not hitter!

My argument is there are hundreds of thousands of High School Outfielders that are better defensively than Manny is, shows how much priority defense takes these days. I think we may have found the reason why he's so bad.

Introducing the Oakley Thumps, a $495 pair of sunglasses expertly equipped with a media player for MP3's. Apparantly, Manny has fallen in love with the sunglasses and has actually worn them in Left Field (see pic below) caught live on someone's DVR.

Terry Francona claims that no batteries were in the glasses and he knew about them the whole time. Ok, sure, and I knew all about the 9-inch police stick hidden in my wife's top drawer. I'm sure everyone will make a bigger deal than needed about this, in fact I'm included, I posted my first blog in 3 weeks about it. All I know is that Manny blows in the outfield and don't give me the "he leads the league in assists" jargon.


The San Diego Padres, my team of choice, finally snapped their 8-game slide back to .500 beating the Cardinals in bottom-of-the-9th walk-off fashion on a Robert "Wildman" Fick double. Peavy punched out ten Rolen-Walker-less Cardinals for the no-decision. Hoffy grabbed his first win of the season. So the world is complete until around 3 pm again today when they go at it again.

Watching the Nats/Bravos game today, the Nats are officially finished. How they hung in there this long with the makeshift team is a miracle, a friggin miracle.

My source for my early copy of Madden fell through so I'm back to waiting like a normal human for the game to release. I told myself "Self, you're a beautiful man". After that, I continued "If you have to pay for Madden this year, don't buy it, just wait for the Xbox 360 version". Sure, like that is going to happen. I've already collected a grip (love urban slang) of games together to hand in for the xbox version of the game, hopefully my boy will get me a free PS2 version.

I know biron aka Chuck has the game already so he'll be putting some impressions of the game on here shortly. And don't worry Swade I still enjoy your company, platonically, you and Chuck should come out for a Rangers/Bluewhackets game followed by dolla bill drops at FDancers. Gotta love the big city.

Peace out till we meet again. Here's a hot mormon with instructions:


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