Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Madden Online

_______________________." ~ bironm

That would be where I normally come on here and gloat after a big victory in something over either Boz or Swade, but I'm feeling pretty sympathetic right now for my angry buddy for some reason. I love the guy to death, so I'm respecting him and not saying which and what game it was in - just seems like the appropriate thing to do tonight.

I just hope Swade gets back from vacation in Florida soon and picks up the new Madden so I can play against him as well.

All bullshit aside, I still don't enjoy this year's Madden all that much as I'm an NCAA guy and I refuse to invest the time necessary into Madden to get good at it. For the most part I got lucky against our aforementioned once-a-month blogger, as honestly it could've been the other way around quite easily. I think I like the vision cone in concept, but I honestly feel that maybe I'm just not able to control it as well as I should be able to (or would get eventually if I had patience.) The blitz's come amazingly fast and hit before any human being I know can react in some instances, and even then finding an open WR often times leads to a shotty throw to where the DB's get an amazing jump on the ball to make up the room between your wide-openess and his lack of covering. In a way I wish NCAA did that, sure would put to rest the deep ball problems in the East Room. In the end I'm just still not a huge Madden guy.

Have you seen the new Madden site though? It's just sick, so sick in fact it makes me want to go back to school and learn how to make that shit up myself. The whole pisser is naturally that NCAA's website sucks in comparion - but whaddya gonna do. Hopefully all the games in the EA Sports lineup jive together again like they have the last 2 years - we'll see.

Well, I'm out like a boner in sweat pants...speaking of which ~


  • hahaha, for some reason it has me as the Vikings instead of the Texans in our short lived game! I LOVE THIS GAME!

    By Blogger Teebeebee, at 1:49 PM  

  • I hate it!

    By Blogger bironm, at 12:10 PM  

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