Thursday, June 30, 2005

NCAA '06 Pandemonium

(Visit here for real covers!)

The football gaming world has been set on fire over the last 2 days, as EA Online Community Leaders across the nation have begun receiving their copies of NCAA 2006. As a result, unfortunately I'm posting this blog with heavy eyelids, sore fingers and an erect penis waiting to get off work and get back to playing it again - what with finally turning the PS2 power off around 4:40am last night for that illustrious sleep until 7:00am this morning.

For questions, comments, concerns - anything needing brought up besides your breakfast, you can find a bironm thread under the NCAA section over at Maddenmania, detailing my thoughts on the game and a brief chronicle of my experiences while testing it. Teebee ("teebeebee1" on the forums) has the game as well with an information thread, as well as adding commentary to various other threads. For all your NCAA '06 information just stop over and get your fix (when it's up anyway!).

The game rocks, the Buckeyes rock, and so far I'm ranked #1 in the world. I've only played 4 games so far and likely won't hold the position past next week while I'm on vacation, however it's sweet saying that...makes me feel like a hardass.

So anyway, I'd like to take this time to thank all the games I've played over the last year for being there for me in my moment of need, back when NCAA '05 didn't deserve to be in my fucking PS2. Games like GTA:SA, Tiger Woods, ESPN College Basketball, uhh...God of War, NHL '05 - you suck but I still love ya homey, NBA Live '05, Leisure Suit Larry and the big-tittied cheerleader with the twin in the end, too many to name - Deception, Deadly Alliance, Dynasty Warriors, Grand Tourismo, Halo 2...I know I can't get you all, but you know you got love. But now - it's on like Donkey Kong beooootch.


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