Saturday, July 02, 2005

Its July and I can't get into NCAA 2006

Alright , I know, I'm not complaining, I was lucky enough to get an early copy of NCAA 2006 and was also lucky enough to be outscored by an average of 40-7 against biron in our first 5 games.

I'm not into football. Its July 2. It isn't even the allstar break. THIS IS TOO DAMN EARLY FOLKS! I mean, I have the game and have absolutely no desire to play it right now. Maybe its the fact that the game plays almost identical to every other football game on this generation of consoles or that I'm just tired of football games on the PS2. I'm ready for these next gen games that's for sure.

Few quick observations, good and bad, I've noticed about the game so far:

*The Animations are amazing, your WR goes over the middle and catches a bullet pass, he braces himself for the pass if you throw it too hard and it slows down his pattern he's running. You really have to thread that pass to him nicely to have him continue to do his Jerry Rice Impression.

**The DB's do the amazing Leap, you know, you try and float a pass well over their heads and they jump out of their shoes. This is another reason that the game bores me already, its pretty much Madden 2005 with coeds.

***The Heisman mode is pretty sweet, you start out at some High School running drills for scouts/recruiters, you have to run patterns and other football moves. After you're done you get the chance to pick a school, i've not seen if you suck major ass if no schools offer you a scholarship or you are headed to Skaggit Valley, but its worth a try.

I'll post some more impressions, also you can hit the forums at to ask some actual questions.


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