Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Future Heisman-winner: #14 Oklahoma Scrambler

So I figured, stop being a baby and start playing a game you have like two weeks before everyone else and post about it here. Hell, if Biron gets back and I haven't posted one blog worth a damn, well, I just don't wanna feel the wrath of Xenu on that one.

I started out with NCAA 2006's biggest hyped feature, The race for the Heisman (heretofore mentioned as RFTH) in which I first picked between a pocket qb, a scrambler QB, a HB, WR, you get the picture. I picked of course a scrambler QB. After picking I had to run about 15 plays, in which I had to choose to run pass or option the ball off, each good and bad play receiving postive and negative points which in turn determine what level of a school will offer a scholarship.

I basically kicked major ass, as #2 Tennessee, #4 Oklahoma and #8 Louisville offered a full ride. I also had the option to walk-on, but after wagging my dick in their faces, I decided to go to Oklahoma. I figured I didn't want Ainge and the other big QB blue chipper at Tenn. to be breathing down my neck and Oklahoma had Adrian Peterson.

This turned out to be a wise decision. Adrian Peterson, is the ultimate video game running back. Shades of Bo Jackson, shades of Marcus Allen and most of all, shades of Herschel Walker in my Madden 90 season in which he scored an unprecedented 80+ touchdowns.

First touch of the game, AP goes for 76 on a TD run. The Free Safety made a move to get in front of him, with a swift straight arm he was down for the count. #28 ended up with 286 yards rushing and 5, that's right, Five effing touches, plus 89 yards receiving.

Back to the fresh-face #14 freshman starting QB, Barton was dominant and quite a leader for his first game. After deferring to Peterson the first half, I decided to let it hang loose and put some distance between the Sooners and TCU Horny Toads. Ended up throwing for 289 3 TDS and rushing for another 114 and 2 more TDS. An epic debut.

After you decide which school you're headed to you are introduced to your dorm room, something I feel is quite offensive to the sensitive scientologists we've become accustomed here at Fmode, Inc. Why offensive? On your PC in your dorm room, is a picture of your current squeeze, your boo-boo, your girl. At the time of signing you have such a hideous beast,a true Denny-ho, someone you would never put up in your college dorm. Sure she may suck the chrome off a trailer-hitch but never someone you'd put on your computer monitor to display, but I digress.

I guess pretty girls and football are all that matters to a college kid, back at my school at Bob Jones University we studied the Bible, and dammit, looks aren't everything.

I actually enjoyed the Heisman mode, amazingly, I'm seeming to lose a bit of my sim or die edge I've been so stuck on for the past generations of NCAA. I can imagine that having your guy win multiple heisman's, go to the NFL draft and play on Sundays in Madden 2006 would be a pretty damn cool feature, so we'll end this blog with a too be contined in August with the release of Madden.


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