Monday, July 11, 2005

Mike Hart for Heisman

First off, I don't have a whole bunch of information to blog about here, I simply want to bump the presidential poll down from the top of this site, seriously, the next time someone posts the approval rating for the French Chancellor will be way too soon, take that stuff to the Joy Luck Club.

I'm supposed to be in beautiful Mobile Alabama right now, covering the AA Southern League Allstar game but alas, Hurricane AKA Tropical Storm Dennis has delayed that or possibly canceled that. By the way, when did we stop naming Hurricanes/storms after strippers (Jewel, Isis and Charlotte) and start naming them after middle-aged men (Ivan, Dennis and Marvin), just an observation.

Back on topic, Played about 10 games online in NCAA 2006 over the weekend, which has confirmed one thing for me: This game is a debacle. The running game is so unbalanced it is really hard to stop when you play someone with veritable skills. Played some dude , I was Bama (to get into the Mobile spirit, Roll Tide) he was Michigane.

To put it mildly, my Running back, a Bettis type runner had 195 yds rushing, his guy, Mike Hart, are you ready for this? 340 yards! THREE HUNDRED FORTY YARDS AND NO/100's! I will admit, at least 100 of those yards are from some poor tackling that allowed him to bust out on some huge runs but a vast majority of the runs were from him breaking at least 5 tackles a run. Final score, I blow a 28-3 first half lead and lose 38-34. Fun game but the running game is killing it for me at this point.

I'm sure I'll play Biron and the other autistic kids at and they will completely shut me down with their "stick skills" but for now, i'm 3-13 overall, the only 3 wins coming on people quitting. I've yet to finish a game with a W after the final seconds have ticked off. Horsebleep city.

Ok, back to your CNN talk, I'll keep it trivial for now. Mike Hart's performance has inspired me to compile a top 10 list of most dominating video game athletes, I'll try to put that together and post it in the next few days.

Peace out, Go Hurricanes. Here's some love for my boy Chucks hometeam come January:


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